IGCSE Spanish Mock Revision


Mock Exam Times
  1. Paper 2 (Reading & Writing) Week 1: Friday 11 January, 2.00pm – 3.30pm.
  2. Paper 1 (Listening) Week 2: Wednesday 16 January, Period 6.
  3. Paper 3 (Oral) Weeks 2 & 3: lunchtimes [See timetable here].
Revision Advice
  • Everything you need for the Oral preparation can be found here.
  • To prepare for the Writing sections, see the Revision Notes below.
  • To practice Reading and Listening, see the Past Papers below.
Revision Notes
  • Spanish Salsa
    This document contains the basics: useful everyday constructions, the majority followed by an infinitive. You should familiarise yourself with as many of these as possible and incorporate them in your writing where appropriate.
  • Expressing daily routine
    Useful structures to use if you are required to write in the present tense or express an habitual action.
  • Narrative structures
    Some phrases for describing an activity in the past, present or future, with specific – but not exclusive – reference to holidays.
  • Using synonyms
    Once you’ve mastered the basics, you should aim to vary the content of your writing by substituting over-used adjectives, verbs and conjunctions with suitable synonyms.
  • Letter writing notes
    Some useful phrases to include in an informal letter context.
  • Subjunctive examples
    It is probably worth aiming to include one or two structures in your writing that require a subjunctive, although this is not a requirement at this level. For a comprehensive overview of the formation and uses of the Spanish subjunctive, see this document.
Past Papers
IGCSE Edexcel Past papers from 2007 – 2011 for Paper 1 (Listening) and Paper 2 (Reading & Writing) can be downloaded here, along with mark schemes and listening files for Paper 1.

If you have any questions before the mock papers, please email me.

Dec 2012